Thursday, September 5, 2013

If Not War, What Is It?

John and Theresa Heinz Kerrey at recent US Senate committee hearing-----

Sec. of State John Kerrey testified before his wife and the US Senate that launching missiles at Syria is not an act of war; therefore, a declaration of war by Congress is not necessary.  What Kerrey proposed is an "action."

As in: 

"A Syrian naval ship bombarded downtown Boston yesterday damaging buildings and killing civilians.  Secretary of State Kerrey called the attack an "action", not an act of war.  Therefore, Pres. Obama and Sec. Kerrey do not plan to ask Congress to declare war."

Sec. Kerrey plans to dress as Paul Revere and ride horseback through Boston screaming, "This is not war!" later today.

Mass. Gov Devaul Patrick will present the 'revered' former Senator and now Sec. of State with a ceremonial 'action light' [lantern].  The Boston Pops will play Beethoven's 1812 Overture for the ceremony.

President Obama's aunt and uncle will attend as representatives of Boston's illegal immigrant community as a show of solidarity behind the President's decision to avoid war.  Obama's aunt told reporters, "Little Barry didn't win that Peace Prize for nothing."